Shinsiaview Premium Snail Cream

Boost hydration and firmness of your skin delicately!  The Premium Snail Cream supplies nutrition that substantially improves skin firmness to areas deep inside your skin.  It enhances skin cell regeneration! Quick Skin Cell Regeneration: The Snail Cream contains essential nutrition that accelerates regeneration of your skin cells.  Its peach extracts soothes the skin and closes pores to improve skin texture.Long-Lasting Hydration Effect:  Macadamia seed oil lock in moistures by preventing vaporization, and lemon extracts keep the skin moisturized for a long time. Notable Skin Revitalization: Camu camu fruit extracts significantly improve skin elasticity and tone.  The seaberry extracts add vitality energy to the skin for a glowing and youthful look.  

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