Euterria Face Care Sunscreen Gel - Premium

Filled with natural active ingredients Blueberry extract, which provide source of pro-retinol and rich of Vitamin A. Combine with Vit E, which due to its strong antioxidant properties, when vitamin E is applied to the skin it provides protection against acute UVB damage.

Ingredients :

Blueberry Extract & Vit E : Blueberry (Vaccinium sp.) from Ericaceae, is known as the fruit of longevity due to its high polyphenols and anthocyanins (mainly delphinidin and malvidin) content with antioxidant function as well as vitamins, minerals, and resveratrol among others. Besides its anti-aging function, polyphenol can increase the photoprotective potential of the formulations. Blueberry is a potential anti-cancer  and can reduce tumor proliferation in murine melanoma cells and reduce photoaging effect and free radical generation caused by UVB radiation on human dermis cells and on keratinocytes.

Volume : 60 gr

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